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<p >Well, the Tech Gremlins made it past us on this one. We couldn’t get a usable recording of the replay from the live webinar, so I put on the coffee and created a short course that I think is actually better and more detailed than the webinar training. I’ll be adding to it but wanted to get it to you asap.


Local Internet Marketing

Mind Of The Local Consumer

Inside Backpage

Clickable Ads

Classified Ad Wizard

Your Compelling Message

Making Money With BackPage

20 Replies to “ Uncensored”

  1. Jack!  I think you have set a precedent in content delivery and presentation with this idea! Bravo my friend, bravo!

  2. Thanks for the feedback Michael. Much appreciated. Helps me know what benefits folks here.

  3. Hey Jack,
    This is really over-the-top content!!  I came to the webinar late the other night and recorded the last 1:47:00 and would’ve been more than happy to try to get it to you (I still would if you’d like it).  For some reason the time of the webinar was in Atlantic Standard Time, and when I got in around 9 EST, I was late.  Coincidentally, I was just in Backpage the day before and was having a rough time posting a “free” clickable ad, (but had no idea, the SEO power of Backpage!!) … even when I wasn’t using premium services, it seemed they needed to review what I was posting?  I think I missed the full explanation, but might have caught you saying that they may require a “look/see” for approval before it’s posted?  I haven’t gone through “the series” you just sent, I just listened to a little of each to get a feel for it and you KILLED IT!!!  Can’t wait until I’m a little more rested, to go through each, thoroughly.   You are the Master, Jack.  Thanks.

  4. Thanks. I’ve never really had a problem with posting. Make sure you are posting in the services section for the most part. If you create an account you can manage it in your dashboard or you can just post and confirm through email.  I still have one more tutorial to do about creating an actual listing. I’ll get it done asap, but i think most folks have enough to get started here.  I truly appreciate the feedback.

  5. Weird how it works out. I’m kind of glad our replay had problems, really pushed me to create this training, and I think it will be better for folks to follow.

  6. Thanks Jack, this is fantastic training. I need to open more Lead Valves for my wife’s clothes store. I set her up on a website, Google+, Twitter and a Facebook page but can see now that is only the tip of the iceberg for Local Marketing Lead Valves. But the biggest takeway is to write a COMPELLING Marketing Message to those local searchers.

  7. Hey Jack,
    Thanks for the ongoing outstanding content and the user friendly way you put things.

  8. Rick, you are certainly welcome. One of the biggest obstacles folks hit is one they put in front of themselves.  They make it more difficult than it needs to be. My goal is to crush that obstacle.

  9. Thanks Jack for the ideas and information.  I just hope this information will be available here to come back and review from time to time after I implement some of what I have learned here.  Thanks again

  10. This should and could easily be at least a $97 course if not more… (present company excluded of course) but for the next guys for sure!! Amazing content, simple, straightforward, but great content. Seriously impressed Jack.

  11. Thanks Jack,
    For The Great Value.
    I Had a Coder Write The Image Code Down
    For Me…One Time…
    And Lost It.
    You Rock !
    Thanks –
    You Rock.

  12. Jack:  The “Making Money with Backpage” link and video won’t load or play on my computer.

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