I Help vs I Am

Here is a way to quickly develop an Educator and Advocate position and understandable value for your prospects.

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Hey, Jack Mize here…JackMize.com and the Online X-Factor Podcast. Today’s episode is Developing Your Core Avatar…the source of being the educator and advocate.

You may think of this as an elevator speech but to me an elevator speech is a little sterile and a little light. An elevator speech is more like what goes on a business card.

What I want you to do is to think about how you help your prospects and your customers. What really made me start thinking about this is I got a question from a subscriber, Gary, who has a water filtration business. Now I didn’t go deep into what exactly that was but he was saying that he was having a hard time figuring how to educate and be an advocate around the water filtration and he kept going back to the features of the process – what it actually does.

I understand that’s something that’s really common because you’ve always heard to sell the benefits rather than the future. A lot of people don’t even really understand what that means. It goes back to the old story about the tools. (I’m paraphrasing.) A power drill…people don’t want to buy power drills. They want to buy the holes that they produce.

So what you really have to think about is your prospects or your customers are really interested in the results that can come from working with you not necessarily the how-you-do-what-you-do or the details around it.

Gary was having a problem with hinting to the details of how his filtration system works and the processes of that. That’s not what people want.

One of the easiest ways to shake the cobwebs out of your head and get into what you are doing is to start your sentence with: I help… So I want you to imagine that you’re at a party or networking convention (anywhere) that someone would walk up to you and say: Hey, what do you do? It’s a common question.

Rather than saying: I own a water filtration business…or I’m a real estate agent…I’m a mortgage broker…I’m a personal trainer…What I want you to do is change that statement to begin with: I help…Then you’re forced to talk about the results. You’re forced to spit out the result that comes from working with you which is going to position you much better as that guru, that expert, that educator, and as that advocate.

An example – When I first started helping business owners with their online marketing people would say: What do you do? Rather than say: I’m an SEO Engineer or website designer… I would say: I help local businesses get more customers by making them findable online.

I would adjust that from time to time by helping businesses get more customers by making their compelling message findable online.

What it would do is force me to let them know the result. It would often end up with people saying: Oh, really? I have an uncle that needs that. I have a brother that has a business that could really use that.

I wouldn’t put myself in a salesman position. I wouldn’t be the guy walking around the party handing his business cards out trying to drum up new clients. I would just take the opportunity when someone asked me what I did rather than say: I’m an SEO. I’m an Internet Marketer. I’m a web builder… I would always build it with: I help businesses get more customers.

If you were a real estate agent who specialized in helping first-time homebuyers instead of saying: I’m a real estate agent…you would say: I help families get into their first house. I help families go through the process of buying their house if it’s their first time.

If you are water filtration…I’m not familiar with the details but rather than say you own a water filtration business you would say: I help people get better quality water for their families and their health by my system.

So if you put ‘I help’ before you do – I don’t care what it is whether you’re a carpenter, if you do automotive repair, if you’re a chiropractor – take a little bit of time and develop that statement. If someone asks what you do you begin with ‘I help’ and you’ll be forced to be able to define and verbalize that result that your prospects and customers are looking for.

Then when you sit down to actually purposefully put together your material/content as that educator or advocate it will be much simpler because when you say: I help…Like when I say ‘I help local businesses get more customers by making them findable online’… then I know as an educator and advocate I’m going to educate them around that process. ‘Here’s how I help local businesses get more customers by making them findable online. Here’s how I help first time homebuyers go through the home buying process. Here’s how I help families get clearer drinking water and safer water into their houses.’

That’s where it will just start pouring out and it will be much easier for you to come up with that content and much easier for you to come up with content that you’re passionate about and speak about rather than the technology part and the actual processes and the features that people aren’t really all that interested in. They want their results.

Go ahead and put in your comments. If you think of what you are doing for your business put that in the comments. Start it out with ‘I help’ and get it out there and make that your avatar, your mantra, for when people ask you what you do. You’ll be that much closer to becoming the expert, the guru, the educator, the advocate.

When you take that to the web then you have your Online X-Factor. This is Jack Mize of JackMize.com and Online X-Factor Podcast. I will see you in the next episode.

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    1. Your welcome Stephen. Keep being the educator and advocate. Thanks for the feedback.

    1. Yes indeed. Love it. It’s a new era. Being found online isn’t enough. Turning searchers into prospects and prospects into customers are what the real players are going to focus on.

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