Online Media Marketing Strategist Jack Mize Hits Two Amazon Top Ten Lists With ‘Small Business Big Ideas’ Book

Houston-based online media marketing strategist Jack Mize recent hit two Amazon Top-Ten best-seller lists with the book ‘Small Business Big Ideas’.

Houston, Texas, August 20, 2013 — Online media marketing strategist Jack Mize announced yesterday the book, “Small Business Big Ideas” had reached two different Amazon top-ten best-selling book lists. The book scored a #7 spot in both book sales and the Kindle store. This double best-seller is cooperatively written by a consortium of local and media marketing experts.

The authors are all experts in their own specialties and each gives their best advice on their favored approach to marketing. Jack Mize sets the stage in the opening chapter explaining how the internet can bring new clients to any business.

Writing on aspects of mobile marketing are Dr. Blanche Hayden and Lonnie Stanley. Dr. Hayden writes on the strategies of mobile while Mr. Stanley covers mobile marketing for real estate.

“Small Business Big Ideas” covers general marketing as Doug Simpson writes on the power of focus in your marketing, Louie Lambrianidis writes on buyer psychology and on free publicity, and Mark Eland reminds us “It is not about the website”.

Robert Stanley shows 5 ways to attract new clients through the internet, and Eloise Edwards-Giron reminds us why we need a mobile website.

Dr. Fabio Moro’s chapter on Facebook opens the discussion of social media, and Carlos Rosario writes on social accounts. Heather Stewart gives advice on PPC advertising and Eric LeRiche writes on QR codes and there place in traditional advertising. Rebecca Holman covers becoming a local celebrity and secrets for the 21st century

Video marketing for local businesses is the subject for Virginia Drew, Brian Lee and Mike Taylor. Each author addresses a different aspect of video marketing.

The book was created as a group project and released in hardcover. With the widespread adoption of the Kindle device and the books’ quick rise to the top-ten, releasing the book through the Kindle store seems to have been a wise decision.