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IMPORTANT: This is not for those brand new to internet marketing… No, I’m not discriminating. I will continue to provide great content and training for those getting started but it would be disrespectful and, truthfully, dishonest for me to encourage or suggest that you spend your time and money on an advanced opportunity knowing the expectations for your success would be extremely low.

This Mastermind is for Professionals and Doers

Only 20 Spots Available


If you are ready to move from service provider to Business Expert / GURU / Information Entrepreneur for your industry then you will want to read this carefully and as soon as possible.

I am opening 20 spots to work with me as an online coach and mastermind with a handful of other passionate entrepreneurs with the same goal… TO PLAY A BIGGER GAME!

The common thread binding my successful students and mastermind members is knowing the difference between doing all you CAN do and doing all that you are WILLING to do.

This Private Coaching &  Mastermind is NOT for everyone.  Applicants will be selected based upon my ability to help and support you as well as your ability and willingness to take proper action. This is serious business, day dreamers and slackers need not apply.

We are not playing this game just to survive, We are playing to win.

I am a member of  masterminds with some of the most successful and brightest business owners and marketers I’ve ever met.  I can say, without a shred of doubt, that they have been the single most profitable investments of both time and money that I have ever made in my business and personal life.

The objective of this mastermind is genuine success for all members, not just the appearance of success. If your desires are ego driven then you will fail. Your ego does not care if you are successful, only if others think you are successful. That is not what this mastermind is about.

I will not drivel on and on and paint fairy tale pictures of how I drive a Maserati, live in a mansion, spend six months of the year in Hawaii. The truth is, if you are ready for this mastermind then you are past all that B.S.

You would probably be more interested in the fact that I pay my mortgage, buy my cars, feed my family and live more comfortably than I have ever lived in my life because of what I know about marketing online and what I chose to DO with that knowledge.

Listen carefully.  Working with me and being in this mastermind may not be a comfortable place. Participation is not easy, it is not push the button and money falls out of the sky. There are no shortcuts. You will be accountable.

This is not a social club, however,  strong friendships and lasting bonds will likely be created out of mutual respect and success, but the core focus of this mastermind is to push yourself and other members beyond their comfort zones to new levels.


No B.S. disclosure: DO NOT SKIP THIS PART

This is not a “how to get started” group – This is for established business owners and professionals.

This is not about ranking websites on the front page of Google – This is way beyond that. In fact this is not a techie, website building group. It’s about growing your business and establishing yourself as a leader in your industry through online media.

This is not about “getting rich with little effort” – Don’t even ask me how. I don’t know.

This is not a “Done For You” opportunity – You will have unbelievable and little know resources to your disposal but it will still be up to you to “get it done”.

This is not about creating “How To Make Money” info products – If your goal is to crank out “get rich the easy way” info products, this isn’t the place.


THIS IS DEFINITELY NOT a program to spend your last dollar on. Do not join this with your rent or grocery money. This is for those that are prepared to commit to a real opportunity and invest their time and effort to confidently produce for their clients in exchange for premium fees.

You will not be spoon fed easy answers. You will be required to think, solve problems, apply what is contributed by others as well as contribute to the success of others.

This will not be an everything wrapped up in a shiny bow. I know that’s what sells infoproducts, but it’s not the way the real world works and not what you should expect from working with me or the mastermind. You will be tasked to use your creativity, trouble shooting and problem solving abilities because that is what will be required of you in your real business.




This coaching and mastermind is for professionals that are running profitable businesses and ready to quickly pass what they “thought” was the next level by effectively using online media to establish themselves as THE  Subject Matter Expert / GURU / Educator and Advocate for customer success.

If you know deep down inside that NOW is the time for you to

  • Become a published / bestselling author
  • Get Expert positioning coverage in mass national media
  • Rebrand yourself as the guru/educator/advocate for your industry
  • Create an info product for your prospects and/or colleagues
  • Spread your message through webinars, video blogs, podcasts
  • Establish yourself as the Authority you are

Then this is your chance to make it real.

I work with professionals in industries from Medical, Real Estate, Financial, Technology, Legal, Marketing, Health, Speakers, Authors, Business Coaches.

As a member of my coaching and mastermind, you will be required to DO the things that it takes to be the successful entrepreneur you set as your target when you began this journey.

All at a pace that you may not have conceived.

Yes, the pace may seem rapid at first, but it will become your default, like it is for many successful entrepreneurs, as you learn to ignore worries about the trivial and focus on DOING the profitable.

Psychological roadblocks will occur. This mastermind is here to make you push hard, risk more and step outside of your comfort zone but you will do it surrounded by others taking the same journey to support you.

This is about kicking your butt into gear.

It’s  time to decide what you are going to be and get busy being it!


What’s Included?

  1. Monthly One on One Strategy Calls With Me –
  2. Private Email Coaching –
  3. Monthly Live Group Coaching Calls –
  4. Private Facebook Group –
  5. Access To My Resources, Vendors and Templates –
  6. Exclusive Training –
  7. Opportunity to be featured on National Media –
  8. Opportunity  Co-Author Amazon Best Seller –


My coaching & mastermind is not for “dabblers” or “hobbyist”. This is for those ready to receive, use, and provide extremely high value along side a select few passionate and driven colleagues.

I’m going to be completely honest here… If you’ve said to yourself  “My goal is to be the Expert /GURU/ Authority  in the next xx months” you may thing you have a goal, but what you really have is a wish.

If I haven’t convinced you to close this page yet and would like to be considered for one of the 20 spots of this mastermind then you should apply here now so we can mutually decide if this is right for you.

Yes. There are really only 20 spots.  Each spot may be represented by yourself and one business partner or employee.   There will absolutely never be more than 50 spots in this coaching & mastermind, however I reserve the right to have less if not enough applicants meet the requirements.

Onward and Upward


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