Selling without Selling

Selling is not for everyone, but paying customers is what every business needs.

You can create expert positioning by establishing yourself as an educator and advocate for your prospects success.

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Think about celebrity experts like Dave Ramsey. You rarely, if ever, see him selling his books, financial services etc.. but because he is positioned as an educator and an advocate for the success of his listeners people naturally want to buy his products.

Start noticing other celebrity experts that are successfully doing the same. How could you position yourself as the educator and advocate?

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16 Replies to “Selling without Selling”

  1. “you want the docitor to tell you what’s wrong”… great core message.Always the good stuff from you!

    1. Exactly, if you feel for a second that the doctor is looking to you for a solution…. your instinct is to run.

  2. Great job as usual Jack. Perfect timing as I’m actually sitting here trying to develop a ‘sales plan’ to get more customers. Maybe I should be crafting an educational plan instead!

  3. That’s right Jack positioning yourself as the educator and advocate by helping the business owners will make you the expert in their eyes.

  4. Even after the sale I find this strategy strengthens the relationship.  Your client buys something from you and will always remember how you took the time to show them how to use your product/service in ways they never even thought of.  Thanks, Jack!

  5. Hey Jack, I’ve been quite busy lately and haven’t had a chance to look at any video’s. I think you hit the ball out of the park here. I’ve been an advocate of education marketing for a long time. It works because it puts your potential clients at ease and gives them information they may never get elsewhere. I’ve had great success using your strategies and have since stepped back into the automotive environment. Local marketing has paid the bills but the deep pockets in the automotive field has added extra zero’s to my income. One strategey we’ve used is in press releases. It got me noticed quite nicely in automotive and got lots of views. It has put me in as the advocate for lead generation in the automotive industry.
    Keep up the good work, Jack. You always have great information. One just needs to implement your information to be successful.

    1. That’s great news Hal. Positioning yourself as the guru (educator/advocate) to your big budget prospects is definitely a recipe for adding zeros to your paydays.

      Onward and upward.

  6. Jack,
     Thanks as always. I hearken back to some training I received from Chris Lytle years back. He would suggest talking to clients in a consultative meeting repetitively using the words “tell me”.    “I’d lime for you to tell me XXXXXX. Don’t tell me anything you don’t want to tell me. Just tell me XXXXX. Then after they’ve finished telling. You gather the information and either on the spot , or in a subsequent meeting say, “based on what you are telling me or have told me. I would recommend you do this.  WORKS !

  7. That is a wonderful way of looking at getting the word out to business owners… I have hear this said before not sure if it was you or someone else but when I approach a potential client I go off on the “Me Me” telling them what I can do and forgetting its all about them… I need to stop and think before I meet with them and do some self-talk… Thanks Jack for bring it back to my attention…

    1. It’s a natural instinct to feel you need to convince someone that you are the right choice.

      Unfortunately, spitting out a resume will only engage the logical brain and we know that decisions are made from the emotional brain. The best way to awaken the emotional brain is to make it about them.

  8. By saying “From the information that you’ve provided, I suggest this…”, they are accepting or rejecting the IDEA, rather than the sale or you. They would give the idea more thought, rather than dismissing a sales pitch, or “who the heck are you to tell me how to run things!” A very subtle difference.

  9. Being the educator and the expert needs to be the attitude in every contact we have with our prospects and our current customers. Thanks for this valuable advice Jack. No one else is teaching this great stuff.

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