6 Replies to “How Hard Are You Leaning On Google Maps?”

  1. Jack,

    Great video on how not to put all your eggs in one basket when working with offline businesses.

    Google places should be one arrow in your arsenal to help offline clients. It’s fine if that is where you begin, but you must help those clients in the organic listings, using video, articles, social media, etc.

    These combined will give them much more exposure than google places and will prevent you from losing a large portion of your business if google decides to either get rid of google places (which I don’t believe they will) or change it up.

    Keep the videos coming.


  2. Hi Jack,
    great arguments for the US market, but in Germany Google has a market share of more than 92%! Bing and Yahoo have less than 2% each. This means that we have to “dance with the women being on the floor” and in Germany there is only one mature woman named Google.

    But nevertheless you cannot want to rely only on Google Places, because in Germany only approx. 60% of all local search terms are triggering the map and the 10-box.

    Looking forward to your upcoming videos.


  3. Jack,

    Great video. Personally, I found the pitch in the email you show above was way too “salesy”. I’m surprised if it works. I think many businesses have already been shell-shocked by the whole “I can get you to Number one on Google” bit that they’ll tune it out or delete it. Was that email sent to a warm or a cold list? I suppose that could make a big difference.

    Anyway, I agree Google Places (although great) is definitely not a business in itself and we all know that big G can change on a dime whenever they please. Diversification in all things financial and online is always recommended. That’s what I’m going to try to do as I start helping clients with their internet marketing – thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Jack

    Totally agree about being dependant on Big G, l have added mobile (cellphone) marketing to counter. Note Google now saying Mobile Marketing is it MAIN focus!

    Martin Bellinger

  5. I agree with you on this one. Their has been alot of WSO and products coming out on how to rent Google Place listings and build a whole business around it. I almost went along with it but also felt it wasnt a sustainable business model. Thanks for you advice here and im loving the Offline X Factor!

    You Are a RockStar!

    Dr Dan

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