5 Replies to “SEO VS. Local Internet Marketing”

  1. Jack,

    I love that video……I wish i had found you before you closed the membership. your stuff is much more user friendly for small business owners.

  2. Wow! Jack you are so on point with what I have been moving toward. Your discussion here describes the reasons I decided to name my site and gear my business as opposed to following the SEO craze. Thanks for the confirmation.

  3. Jack-this is very interesting I have small amount of experience in SEO and web-design so you can imagine this goes against some of my teachings-still learning but agree that you seem to be on to something here-have to check this out makes alot of sense

  4. Jack,

    I like your keep it simple approach. Leave the selling to your customer (SME) – just give him what he wants and thats leads that have their arms at least partly up.

    Thanks for that Colin

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