6 Replies to “Local Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Hi Jack,

    This is something I’ve thought of doing, but I was never sure of how to get the system set up.

    What do you use to track the leads that turn into sales? In other words, how do you make sure you get credited?

    I know you said you get a local phone number, but how does that work? Do you actually take calls for a business that you don’t really know anything about? … And even if you got a lead, how would you know whether your lead turned into a sale or not?


  2. This is a great idea for discovering new niches, sort of lets you experiment without having to deal with performance pressure if it blows up, just try again, no one gets hurt, and nothing ventured nothing gained, I like it.

    Thanks Jack


  3. I have been using this concept in my FSBO business, but have not used it yet for simply providing with leads to grow his business. I have a limo manufacturer client who when I presented him with the idea, he not only said yea, but HELL yea!..could use some help setting this up correctly..

  4. Hi Jack
    I approached four business and said only that I would like to get them business. If I could do that, would they be willing to pay me 30% of the sales. Three said, yeah go for it. Now I have three and not a clue where to start? Do I need a contract and how do I show them that customer bought something? How do I track and get credited?

    1. Great work. You should have a formal agreement defining the terms of course but after that it depends on the business.

      I assume you will be driving leads using the internet. With the Local Affiliate Method you have your own lead page. If its the type of business that takes submission leads, where the visitor fills out a form for a request for bid or information (real estate, carpet cleaning, etc..), then make sure both you and the biz get a copy of that lead. On the lead page you may want to put a special offer or discount code do that they will present it to the business (Print this page and present it at your appointment for xxxx). So they will know the customer came from you.

      You should have your own phone# as well that you forward to the biz so you are in control. Services like RingCentral.ocm will allow you to do this while giving detailed reports of the calls.

      There are so many different types of businesses and various ways to funnel customers you will need to get creative to do it without complicating it for the consumer, the business or yourself.

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