Local Internet Marketing Expert Jack Mize Publishes Blog Entry Discussing The Value Of Video Marketing For Local Businesses

Jack Mize, Founder of JackMize.com, an Internet Marketing company, writes about the power of video marketing for local businesses.


Houston, TX – January 3, 2012Jack Mize, founder of JackMize.com, a Local Internet Marketing company, recently published a blog on his website (http://www.jackmize.com/) discussing video marketing. The blog, titled “Video Marketing Will Revolutionize Your Local Business” notes three ways in which video marketing can impact local businesses.

Jack Mize writes, “Utilizing video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo, individuals and businesses have the ability to publish videos for a potentially unlimited worldwide audience to see. And while you, as a small business owner, may not be aiming to build an international fan base, there are several ways in which video marketing can benefit your business.”

Jack Mize specializes in internet marketing. He helps clients to generate online leads for offline businesses.

The entire blog can be found at http://jackmize.com/video-marketing-will-revolutionize-your-local-business

To learn more about Jack Mize, please visit http://www.jackmize.com

About Jack Mize:

Jack Mize is a Local Internet Marketing expert and small business consultant who helps businesses get more customers by making them findable when local consumers are looking for their products and services.

Jack’s focus on the online behavior of consumers when they are looking to buy locally led him to develop his method of opening “Lead Valves”.  This strategy allows local businesses to be found in multiple places instead of focusing on just a web site.

By identifying problems that local consumers need to solve locally and creating “Lead Valves” that provide the solution, Jack has developed a system that is laser focused on the quality of the conversion rather than the quantity of internet traffic.

Creating “Lead Valves” with marketing principles  will make it easy for Local Customers choose you over your competitors. This can be far more cost effective than simply spending your online budget on search engine rankings.

In 2009 Jack began teaching his Lead Valve strategy to Local Internet Marketing consultants and small business owners around the world.  He has been credited with saving businesses and changing lives.